4th Artists of White Point Sea’sonal Showcase & Sale

The walls of White Point come to life with nearly 40 Artists attending the 4th Annual Artists of White Point Showcase & Sale on Sunday, 13-Nov-2016 from 10am – 4pm. Admission is Free and all proceeds from sales are kept by the artists themselves! Meet the artists who bring the walls of the Lodge, Guestrooms and Gift Shop to life!

Medway Head Lighthouse Society will be at the Showcase, selling our fundraising 2017 Lighthouse Art Show Calendars. We will also have t-shirts with our new logo available. These all make great Christmas gifts.


Raffle winner receives prize and art lesson

Lighthouse Awareness Art and Craft Show 2016 Raffle Prize

[by Catherine Pincombe, 21-Sep-2016]

One of the most exciting aspects of the Lighthouse Awareness Art and Craft Show is the annual fundraising raffle. Previous raffle prizes have included paintings, a mosaic quilt, a window frame turned into a work of art, and a hand painted floor mat. The raffle prize from this year’s show is no less exciting. Visitor were encouraged to spend time looking at the wonderful array of artwork on display and then choose the piece they most wanted to own. Once the winning ticket was drawn, the winners selected Continue reading

The 2017 Lighthouse Art Show Calendar is here!


Support the Medway Head Society in its efforts to maintain the Medway Head Lighthouse by purchasing a fundraising 2017 Lighthouse Art Show Calendar (only C$15 plus s/h).

They also make wonderful Christmas gifts for family and friends near and far. They are easy and inexpensive to package and post.

Order yours today by clicking here … or pick one up at The Port Grocer in Port Medway.