A Message from the President …

What a great show we had this year!

[by Donald Allan, 20-Sep-2016]

Congratulations to each and every member of the Art Committee for a fantastic job. And thanks also to our treasurer for his support in tracking the costs and controlling the inventory. All the coordination required, the hanging and display of of the art and crafts, the opening reception, the design of our new logo and t-shirts, and the many volunteers who staffed the show for our unprecedented run of ten days all contributed to this being such a great success.

Special thanks also to the artists without whom none of this would be possible. We had almost 70 artists represented. We made a profit of $4500, which is the best we have done in our six years of putting on a show. This will all go to the ongoing upkeep and repairs to the lighthouse.

This event raised the profile of our society and the need to protect lighthouses, attracting both local residents and tourists. We received good press coverage, which helped with our mission.

So thanks to all who volunteered and all who supported us with purchases and contributions.

Donald Allan
Medway Head Lighthouse Society

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