Raffle winner receives prize and art lesson

Lighthouse Awareness Art and Craft Show 2016 Raffle Prize

[by Catherine Pincombe, 21-Sep-2016]

One of the most exciting aspects of the Lighthouse Awareness Art and Craft Show is the annual fundraising raffle. Previous raffle prizes have included paintings, a mosaic quilt, a window frame turned into a work of art, and a hand painted floor mat. The raffle prize from this year’s show is no less exciting. Visitor were encouraged to spend time looking at the wonderful array of artwork on display and then choose the piece they most wanted to own. Once the winning ticket was drawn, the winners selected piece was photographed matted and framed, and made ready for presentation to the winner. The organizers of the show felt this idea would encourage visitors to spend more time enjoying the fabulous art and envisioning their desired piece in their own home.

donna-lee_marshall-burgess_winning-artworkFor this year’s winner, Donna Lee of East Berlin, this was most definitely the case. “It made you really look at all the art and soak in the images. A great way to engage with the art.” Donna Lee selected a piece, Downtown Tie Up by local artist J. Marshall Burgess. “It was so hard to choose with so many beautiful paintings. I picked it because of the colors; I was just drawn to it.”

Donna and artist Marshall Burgess met at White Point Beach Resort, where Marshall presented her with the print. For Donna it was very exciting “I haven’t won anything for years.

This story doesn’t end with the prize being awarded, for Donna Lee it was just the beginning of a new adventure. Marshall Burgess was at White Point as guest artist and instructor of the very successful “A Brush with Good Cheer” experience. raffle-winner-brush-with-good-cheerThe session involved Marshall guiding a group of beginners and would be artists through a 2 hour art class. In honor of our Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail, Marshall had selected Tidal Bay Wine from Nova Scotia’s Avondale Sky Winery. Donna along with the other participants created their very own masterpieces while sipping and savouring as they added strokes to their canvas.

While never having painted before, when invited to join the session, Donna Lee happily accepted and was thrilled with her afternoon experience. “This class was so much fun, I am already planning to come to another session and bring my Mother.


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