2014…Two Ports…Lighthouse Awareness Art & Craft show

Since the Federal government declared lighthouses as surplus, these icons of Maritime life have been under a death sentence.

If you are interested in helping to preserve Nova Scotia lighthouses, please come out to the Lighthouse Awareness Art and Craft Shows and help the communities of Port Medway and Port Mouton save the Medway Head Lighthouse and the Spectacle Island lighthouse.

The art shows feature lighthouse-related artwork, from paintings and crafts to sculpture and folk art by local artists as well as artists from other areas of the Maritimes.  Some examples of these works are displayed below.

The art shows are held to raise funds for support and maintenance of the lighthouses and also increase public awareness that these beacons of history could vanish forever.

PORT  MEDWAY  SHOW OPENING:   August 15 at 6 pm, then continues August 16-19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  The show takes place in the Warehouse building at Port Medway Lighthouse Park, 1674 Port Medway road.

PORT MOUTON SHOW OPENING:   August 22 at 6 pm, continuing from August 23-28,  10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  The show takes place at Coastal Queens Place, 8100 Hwy 103 in Port Mouton

For more information:



(902) 935-2067

8901 Moonrise at Medway Head by Chris Green  Moon Rise at Medway Head    by Christopher Green

  Standing Watch by Marg Millard Standing Watch  by Marg Millard

8902  Port Medway by Twilight  Russ Paquette  Port Medway by Twilight  by Russ Paquette8902 Spectacle Island by Marshall Burgess  Spectacle Island  by Marshall Burgess

8903  Lighthouse Route 2025 by Jo Stern  Lighthouse Route 2025   by Jo Stern

8904  Medway Head Light by Lezlie Morgan  Medway Head Light  by Lezlie Morgan

8904 Felted Light by Hilary Walker  Felted Light  by Hilary Walker

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