2017 Lighthouse Awareness Art Show – Registration Form

To showcase your art in the 2017 Lighthouse Awareness Art Show in Port Medway you need to register and submit your intentions.

Please use the form below by

  • downloading & filling the form
  • printing
  • signing
  • and submitting a scanned copy by email to: lighthouseartshow@gmail.com
  • or sending the form to: Medway Head Lighthouse Society, P.O. Box 161, Port Medway, NS, B0J 2T0
  • no later than 30-Jul-2017

We are looking forward to having you on board . Thank you!

See also 2017 Lighthouse Awareness Art Show – Call for Entries!

(you might need to open the form with Adobe Reader)

2017 Lighthouse Awareness Art Show – Call for Entries!

We are getting ready for the annual Lighthouse Awareness Art & Craft Show.

Please register your intention to participate by sending an email to:
     lighthouseartshow (at) gmail.com.
The registration form will then be sent to you on or about May 30, 2017 and registration must be completed by July 30, 2017.

We are looking forward to the participation of our faithful group of supporting artists  and to welcoming new artists to the show this year.